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Retirees* and their dependents may continue their existing MCHCP coverage or may elect coverage by providing proof of other coverage for six months immediately prior to retirement. Submit completed enrollment form and a copy of Medicare card (if eligible) within 31 days of the retirement date. View Medicare for more information.

Retirees whose spouse is either an active state employee or retiree or an employee of an MCHCP-covered public entity with MCHCP coverage may transfer to spouse's coverage by spouse submitting an enrollment form to MCHCP. They may transfer back to their own coverage at a later date as long as coverage is continuous and both are still eligible for MCHCP coverage.

Dependents may be enrolled in subscriber’s current plans at a later date within 31 days of a life event (Marriage, Birth or Adoption (or placement of adopted child)) or 60 days of Loss of employer-sponsored group coverage with proof of 12 months of coverage immediately prior to the loss.

Retirees who cancel or fail to elect coverage may not enroll at a later date.

* - any retiree who, at the time of retirement, has met the Public Entity’s vesting requirements and is receiving an annuity benefit from an entity-sponsored retirement system

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