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Below is information about all candidates running for election to the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan (MCHCP) Board of Trustees. Please read each candidate statement so you can make an informed election decision. All information for each statement was provided by the candidate.

Election ballots will be available online to all eligible members and retirees from Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019 to Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019, through their myMCHCP portal.

Voting will cease at midnight CDT on the last day of the board election. The votes will be counted and results will be posted on the Election page within 48 hours of certification. Any questions regarding the voting or nomination process should be directed to

Candidates to Represent Active Members

Eligible active employee members may vote for two candidates.

Please note the names of candidates are listed in random order on the election ballot and below at the discretion of MCHCP.

Fast, CameronElected
Hamilton, MO
Department of Corrections

I am a proud employee of the DOC. Over the last 18 years, I have seen good insurance plans come and go, with the cost continuing to rise. I would be honored to represent Missouri employees as an elected individual. I believe the people I work with would agree that I don't mince words or sugar-coat reality. It would be a privilege to represent my co-workers with a say about what we want and look for in health insurance. Of course, cost is always the number one concern, but as I have grown older, I realized that plan coverage can be just as important. When I was younger with a wife and step children, out-of-pocket was what hurt. Living paycheck-to-paycheck, hospital bills created budget issues. I have been there with the frustration of having insurance and hospital bills unable to be paid, going to collections. Last year, I broke my back, and was unable to work overtime as a COI. Cutting out the extra income as the hospital bills rolled in, so did the stress and frustration of what is covered and what is not. I truly believe that as an employee of the state, we should have a say in our insurance plans, via representatives that are elected and not appointed. I would be honored to receive your vote, and be elected to represent my fellow state employees as a member on the MCHCP Board of Trustees.

Wilbers, JenniferElected
Jefferson City, MO
Department of Public Safety

My name is Jennifer Wilbers, and I would like to serve as one of your MCHCP representatives on the Board of Trustees. I believe it's important we maintain a sustainable health care plan that provides sufficient and affordable benefits to state employees and retirees. Due to new legislation, this is the first time we, as subscribers of the plan, are able to represent ourselves, and I take this responsibility seriously. With 31-plus years of experience in the public service arena, I am well-qualified to act on your behalf. I served 13 years with the Missouri Department of Transportation, as both an employee benefits specialist, and then the employee benefits manager. I was responsible for the management of the Missouri Department of Transportation and Missouri State Highway Patrol Medical and Life Insurance Plan. I most recently worked for the Missouri Gaming Commission as the assistant deputy director of administration, and currently serve as the fiscal and administrative budget manager with the Missouri Department of Public Safety. I am committed to giving the time and attention required to see that our health care benefits are protected, and decisions are made in our best interest. As your representative on the Board, I will be a well-informed, strong advocate for policies and practices that serve all members of our plan. I appreciate your vote.

Faminoff, Jason
Mount Vernon, MO
Department of Social Services

You work hard every day, and have dedicated yourself to the calling of public service. This calling is high and noble, and we are asked to make sacrifices every day. But when it is 3 o’clock in the morning, and your child needs emergency medical care, you should not have to worry whether MCHCP will be there for you. It has to work! In Missouri, we need a health care plan that makes sense and protects your financial interests. I know how hard it is. I am your colleague, I work alongside you every day, and I want it to work for me too! But who is Jason Faminoff? I have spent my adult life in the public service of others. I have been a pastor, executive director, and a general manager, and now I serve as a youth specialist as a part of the Division of Youth Services. I earned a bachelor's degree with academic honors from Nazarene Bible College in 2010. In 2014, I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Master of Science in Administration degree in leadership. I even attended Walden University's Doctor of Business Administration program in health care management. I am a better manager and leader today because of my education and experience. I want to be your voice: Please vote for me!

Boone, Keonna
St. Louis. MO
Department of Mental Health

If elected as a member of the MCHCP Board of Trustees, I would make it my priority to represent state employees, to ensure their voices are heard. As an HR representative, I’ve been made aware of the ways in which health insurance can be improved, while also experiencing the benefits of MCHCP insurance as a patient with diabetes. My duty would be to bring awareness of the concerns employees have in order to bring about beneficial change for the future.

Char, Corinne
St. Louis, MO
Department of Mental Health

I am a clinical social worker who has the benefit of practicing at both a state (DMH) and a private hospital. My passion is advocating for mental and behavioral health care while maintaining fiscal responsibility and affordable coverage. I am just starting my career with the state, and it is a system from which I plan to retire many years in the future. For me, this means that the health care programs available to state employees will be the ones that provide me and my family with care. I have worked with a variety of insurance companies completing authorizations for services, and I am drawn in by the intricate and sometimes difficult-to-navigate systems of care. With a background in education and mathematics, I am confident that my love of data, my understanding of health care systems, and my compassion will make me a valuable asset to the MCHCP Board of Trustees.

Nickelson, Paula
Fulton, MO
Department of Health and Senior Services

My family values MCHCP and its products. Comprehensive and affordable health insurance coverage is an important recruitment tool for state government employment. It is necessary that subscribing members of MCHCP have input and provide feedback on the insurance products and wellness incentives/services offered. This opportunity to elect active and retired members to the MCHCP Board of Trustees is a pivotal step in that representation. If elected, I would work to assure strong and affordable health insurance coverage for members, that members’ experiences and satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding coverage and wellness products is heard, and continued transparency.

My career has been dedicated to health care and public health. That career includes 29 years of state department service, currently at the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) for 19-plus years, and for Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (10 years). My master’s is in counseling psychology with certification as a Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP).

At DHSS, I’ve held diverse positions, including designation as the state’s chronic disease prevention and maternal-child health directors, bureau chief, deputy and division director. Currently, my role is as coordinator for health care system preparedness and interim public health preparedness director.

It was my honor to represent DHSS on the board of the Missouri Health Insurance Pool — the now-sunset state high-risk insurance pool — providing health insurance for individuals who were otherwise uninsurable, often due to a pre-existing condition. My career has included serving as clinical director at Rusk Rehabilitation Center/University Health System for inpatient and outpatient therapies. These diverse experiences provide me a robust perspective on disease prevention, the interrelationship between physical and behavioral health, and the health care system continuum. I am a perpetual student of health outcomes and the cost drivers of health care.

Keely, Jacquelyn (Jackie)
Jefferson City, MO
Missouri Public Service Commission

If I have learned anything over the past few years of adulthood, it is how important it is for one to be civically engaged in the processes that dictate our lives. Whether by voting, campaigning, or serving on a board of trustees for your health care plan, it is important to be engaged. I am committed to helping the employees of the state of Missouri receive access to the best possible health care for both themselves and their families at a reasonable cost. While serving as your employee representative, I will endeavor to be as open and available as possible, and do my best to serve as the bridge between the Board and the hard-working people of Missouri.

Zacharias, Catherine (Cathy)
Columbia, MO
Office of State Courts Administrator

My name is Catherine Nelson Zacharias, and I am running for one of the two active employee positions on the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan (MCHCP) Board of Trustees. I am interested in being your voice on the Board concerning our state health care benefits. I have worked for the state of Missouri for over 24 years, for three different agencies in two branches of government. I am currently legal counsel at the Office of State Courts Administrator. My previous state government positions were as an administrative hearing officer at DOR, and a litigation attorney for the Department of Social Services. I received my bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1989, and my J.D. from St. Louis University School of Law in 1993. In the past 24 years, I have seen our health care benefits change greatly. When I began working at the state, I was enrolled in an HMO. This past year, we saw our health care benefit options change again, all with higher deductibles than the previous year. As an employee with a daughter that has a chronic health condition, I am very interested in the quality and cost of our health care benefits – not just for myself and my family, but for all state employees and retirees.

Brown, Richard
Kansas City, MO
General Assembly

My past experience on the Benefits Committee for Kansas City Public Schools has been invaluable as I advocated, worked for and obtained improved benefits for employees and their family members. Health care benefits are important to attract and retain talented individuals to serve as employees in our state. I believe that a healthy work force is an effective and efficient work force. I have been an advocate for my wife, who was stricken with cancer, and my daughter, who was born with cerebral palsy, to obtain the best health care available. Having lived firsthand through these critical health crises, I understand the need for good health care benefits that benefit the user. I am concerned for health care benefits that are accessible and affordable to our workers and their dependents. There should be a wide range of plans to choose from in order to pick the plan that best suits the need of the employee.

Candidates to Represent Retired Members

Eligible retired members may vote for one candidate.

Please note the names of candidates are listed in random order on the election ballot and below at the discretion of MCHCP.

Shumake, Lindell
Hannibal, MO
Retired: General Assembly, Department of Social Services

Lindell Shumake is a recent retiree (Jan. 1, 2019) of the state of Missouri. He has served four terms in the Missouri House of Representatives, from Jan. 5, 2011 until Jan. 9, 2019. During his time in the House, he served on the Small Business, Tax Reform, Education, Agriculture, Administration and Accounts (Vice Chair), Veterans, Children and Families, Rules Legislative Oversight, and as Chairman of the Elections and Elected Officials Committees. He is from Hannibal, Mo., and represented the 5th District.

Formerly, Lindell was employed by the Missouri Division of Family Services for 20 years, and is a Vietnam War Veteran. He was an owner/operator of Kan-Man Metal Recycling in Hannibal from 1994 until 2011. He continues to be an owner/operator of LS Tax Service Inc. since 1990, and is enrolled to practice before the IRS. Lindell graduated from Hannibal Lagrange College (now University) in 1974, and Quincy College (now University) in 1976, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology, and obtained a Missouri Lifetime Education Certificate.

He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Midwest University in Wentzville, Mo., volunteer chaplain, and a volunteer-in-corrections. He is a member of New Hope Gospel Center in Hannibal, and God's Harvester's Inc. Lindell says, "As a recent retiree, I want to stay engaged for my fellow retirees and members, and ensure that MCHCP serves its members in the best way possible and remains financially stable for the future."

Arambasick-Johnson, Valerie
Kirksville, MO
Retired: Natural Resources

As I age, I really appreciate the value of affordable health care! I served the state for 30-plus years, and am extremely proud of my service. I wish to continue to participate in supporting the state work force, both retired and active, and believe this provides that opportunity. My background in human resources and employee relations has provided me with an understanding of the health care system, along with a knowledge of MCHCP. I welcome the opportunity to be a part of the next phase of our system.

Drewel, Martin (Marty)Elected
Holts Summit, MO
Retired: Office of Administration

My name is Marty Drewel. I am seeking the retiree seat on the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan (MCHCP) Board of Trustees. Throughout my 30 year career with the state, my responsibilities were related to government finance and budgeting, including preparing financial statements, analyzing statewide fiscal and policy impact of legislation, scrutinizing budget requests from all state departments, and researching federal and state laws. I was the assistant director for budget in the Office of Administration Division of Budget and Planning for Govs. Blunt and Nixon. Prior to that, I was the director of the Senate Appropriations staff, where I had direct responsibility for MCHCP's budget. I have a master's degree in public administration from the University of Missouri, and a bachelor's degree in accounting from Lincoln University. I would be honored to represent state retirees on decisions made by the Board, and to ensure the Plan remains an affordable benefit to all members, while keeping it actuarially sound.

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