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Below is information about all candidates running for election to the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan (MCHCP) Board of Trustees. Information for each profile was provided by the candidate. Active employee subscribers will vote for one active employee candidate. Retiree members will vote for one retiree candidate.

Voting will be done via an online ballot, which will be available on myMCHCP starting Friday, Dec. 1, 2023. It will close at midnight CT on Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2023.  Eligible members may only vote once. To be eligible to vote, you must be a subscriber of MCHCP as of Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023.

Results will be posted to within 48 hours of election certification.

Candidates to Represent Active Members

Eligible active employee members may vote for one candidate.

Please note the names of candidates are listed in random order on the election ballot and below at the discretion of MCHCP.

Jeffrey Fitzmaurice
Kansas City, Missouri
Current Employer: Missouri Judiciary

As a Missouri native and someone who is navigating the complexities of healthcare with a lifelong diagnosis, serving on the MCHCP Board of Trustees is an opportunity for me to channel my personal experiences into positive change. I am motivated to work collaboratively with fellow board members to enhance the existing healthcare plan for employees. By leveraging my understanding of the challenges individuals face, I aim to contribute to the development of a more inclusive, accessible, and responsive health plan that prioritizes the well-being of all beneficiaries. My commitment to continuous improvement aligns with the vision of MCHCP, and I am eager to participate in shaping policies that impact the lives of those who rely on the health plan. In essence, my personal journey has fueled my passion for healthcare advocacy. I am excited about the opportunity to serve on the MCHCP Board of Trustees to contribute to the enhancement and optimization of the healthcare plan for the benefit of all employees.

Cameron Fast Elected
Hamilton, Missouri
Current Employer: Department of Corrections

As your current MCHCP Employee Trustee, I would appreciate your vote for me to continue representing you and your family, as it continues to be my goal to represent and assist all of you. I understand that every member has different concerns with their health care, pharmaceutical, and finances. During the past 4 years, I have attended meetings and worked with the MCHCP Board to provide the best insurance plan possible at the best premiums possible. With my knowledge of our plans and benefits, I will continue to work with the MCHCP Board and Staff to improve quality health care plans, negotiate the most affordable healthcare costs, and represent your changing health care needs.

A bit of background for those of you who don't know me. I started my career with the Department of Corrections in 2001 and currently work at Chillicothe Correction Center. I serve as Alderman for the City of Hamilton, Missouri. I am an alumni, volunteer, and mentor for the program "The Battle Within" (it's worth a Google). I truly believe that if you want to see change, you need to put yourself in a position to be a part of the change. Thank you for your support and trust over the past years.

Eric Vander Weerd
Columbia, Missouri
Current Employer: Missouri Senate

As state employees, our benefits are a crucial part of our compensation. It is vital that our health insurance provides the care we and our families may need and doesn’t leave us out in the cold with unexpected costs. Top quality health coverage is a valuable tool to attract and retain workers, but more importantly, it provides us employees with the peace of mind we have earned by choosing to be public servants.

For over seven years I have been a staff attorney for the Missouri Senate, drafting and analyzing legislation on health insurance matters. In that time, I have developed the expertise necessary to ensure we can depend on our health coverage when we need it.

Please consider giving me this opportunity to apply my skill set to serve our fellow public servants.

Eli Henderson
Charleston, Missouri
Current Employer: Department of Transportation

I, Eli Henderson would like the opportunity to serve on the Board to help any and every body understand how the board works. Once I’m elected, I promise to go above and beyond the call of duty to help the members understand the inner workings of the board. Thank you in advance.

Candidates to Represent Retired Members

Eligible retiree members may vote for one candidate.

Please note the names of candidates are listed in random order on the election ballot and below at the discretion of MCHCP.

Alan Bailey
Lohman, Missouri
Retired from: Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan

Friends, I am running for the position of Retiree Representative to the Board of Trustees of the MCHCP to ensure that our voices are heard. I am a retiree of MCHCP having served for fourteen years as the Director of Marketing. I am also an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) having served in a bi-vocational status for over 20 years and now serving as an Interim Transitional Minister at Raymore Christian Church in Raymore, MO. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Northwestern State University; a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Missouri and a Master of Divinity degree from Eden Theological Seminary. I would like the opportunity to represent our State retirees on the MCHCP Board of Trustees and to bring our needs and concerns to the table. I would appreciate your vote.

Marty Drewel Elected
Holts Summit, Missouri
Retired from: Office of Administration

My name is Marty Drewel. I am currently the elected retiree member of the Board of Trustees for the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan (MCHCP). I decided to run again for two reasons. The first reason is to ensure that state retirees receive affordable and comprehensive health insurance. In 2024 there are two important contracts to be bid – the plan administrator for active employees/non-Medicare retirees and the plan design/contractor for Medicare retirees. I believe my tenure as a board member and work experience in the state budget office, Senate appropriations, and Division of Accounting will provide the knowledge needed to navigate this complicated process and deliver the best options for all members. The second reason is to continue the fiduciary requirements of the board to secure an actuarily viable and stable plan. The financial position of the health care plan is excellent and I’d be honored to continue serving on the board to maintain the plan’s solid position.

James Applegate
Jefferson City, Missouri
Retired from: State Auditor’s Office

As a retiree, I’m familiar with the language and reading State Statutes and the Code of State Regulations (CSR). I feel this gives me a strong understanding of the requirements for the operation of MCHCP and the administration of our State medical benefits.

If elected, I would do my best to help guide MCHCP into the future and try to provide all State employees with the best value for their medical expense dollars.

Thank you for your consideration.

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