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Save on your prescriptions with MCHCP and RxSS

Tired of paying more than you should at the pharmacy? Lower your prescription drug costs with MCHCP's vendor partner: Rx Savings Solutions (RxSS)!

How does it work?

Doctors know a lot, but they may not know what your prescriptions will cost. That's where RxSS comes in.

RxSS gives MCHCP health plan members with medical coverage the keys to taking charge of their prescription expenses by allowing them to compare medication prices quickly and easily. RxSS proactively alerts members when lower-cost prescription drug options become available, saving not only money, but time and energy, too!

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, remember: This resource is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Review possible options for lower-cost medications (including generics, brands and equally effective prescription drugs that treat the same condition).
  2. Compare prices between different pharmacies.
  3. Switch to a lower-cost prescription with just one click.

And that's it! Pharmacy technicians from RxSS will work with your doctor to get the change approved, so you can begin saving money! (And, in some instances, you may even earn a cash reward for your savings efforts!)

Learn more about Rx Savings Solutions and access their services today by logging in to your myMCHCP account!

Members can also call RxSS at 800-268-4476 for more information.

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