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Plan Education

MCHCP has created videos to educate members and explain the plan benefit options.

Insurance 101
Describes the terms used in the different medical plan descriptions.

HSA Plan
Educational information regarding the HSA Plan.

PPO 750 Plan
Educational information regarding the PPO 750 Plan.

PPO 1250 Plan
Educational information regarding the PPO 1250 Plan.

Delta Dental
Navigating the Delta Dental website.

NVA — Vision Benefits. Smarter.
Vision benefits can be confusing. NVA cuts through the clutter by helping organizations and their members be smarter buyers of eye care and eyewear.

Strive Employee Life & Family (SELF) Program
Life can be stressful; the SELF program can help. The SELF program offers confidential solutions to life's challenges such as short-term counseling, as well as information and resources on emotional, financial, legal, family and work-life issues.


Medicare & Retirement

Ready to Retire
These documents provide information about your insurance options with MCHCP after retirement, how retiree premiums are calculated, and what happens to your coverage when you become eligible for Medicare.



How to Register a Subscriber
This demonstration shows you how to register on myMCHCP if you are the subscriber.

How to Register a Spouse
This demonstration shows you how to register on myMCHCP if you are the spouse of a subscriber.

How to Log In and Out of myMCHCP
This brief demonstration shows you the steps to log in and (after getting logged in) how to log out of myMCHCP.

myMCHCP Features
Educational informational introducing the features of myMCHCP.

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is October 1-31 each year. Information about Open Enrollment webinars and recordings can be found here during that time.

Open Enrollment Meetings

  • Active Employee & Non-Medicare Retiree
    There will be no meetings or live webinars for 2024 Open Enrollment.
  • Medicare Retiree
    Medicare-eligible retirees, survivors, long-term disability subscribers, terminated vested subscribers and Medicare-eligible dependents
    UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Group will be conducting phone meetings on the Medicare Advantage Plan. Visit the UHC website and select Enrollment information from the top menu bar.

    Call 844-884-1848 for more information or visit the UHC website.

MCHCP is constantly evaluating the best way to communicate with its members. MCHCP currently utilizes Google’s YouTube service to host informational videos. We understand that not all state agencies allow content from YouTube through their approved content web filters. Please see your respective IT department for help in gaining access to our video content or review them from a device connected by a non-state internet service provider.

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