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Plan Changes

Introducing Anthem...

Starting Jan. 1, 2020, Anthem will be MCHCP’s medical plan administrator. The HSA, PPO 1250 and PPO 750 plans are still the available plan options, you will have access to providers through the Anthem networks.

With Anthem, you will have coverage throughout the entire state and across the nation, as well as a plan that offers cost savings, wellness engagement programs, and a concierge service who can address all your needs and concerns.

View Anthem contact information

Provider Network
Anthem offers you the broad Blue Access network, the largest network in Missouri, Blue Access Choice network in the Greater St. Louis area, and the Preferred-Care Blue network, in Kansas City. Featuring superior access across the state and nation, our networks include nearly all of the doctors and hospitals in the state without the hassle of needing a referral before seeking care.

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Learn how to Find a Provider

View Anthem's Welcome Packet for more information

SmartShopper® Program
SmartShopper is a program that helps you save money and even get cash back when you need a covered medical service.

Total Health, Total You
Stay connected to your health plan and benefits right through your smartphone by downloading the Engage app (On your Apple device, open App Store. Or, on your Android device, open Play Store). Whether it’s a quick question about a claim or something as serious as getting ready for surgery, Anthem is making it easier to get the information and support you need from your benefits.

To learn more about the Engage app and view a demo, visit here.

To register for Engage, log in to your myMCHCP account and select the Engage icon.

Preparing for Enrollment

Open Enrollment Options

  • Enroll, change or cancel medical, dental and/or vision coverage
  • Add, change or cancel dependent coverage

Adding Coverage

To enroll dependents, you must also be enrolled in the plan(s) and provide proof of eligibility for each dependent, if not previously submitted. You may enroll in different levels of coverage for medical, dental and vision plans.

(Retirees) If you are not already enrolled in medical, dental and/or vision coverage, you cannot enroll in these plans during Open Enrollment.

If you do not enroll during Open Enrollment and you are currently enrolled:

  • If your employer offers one medical plan, you will automatically be enrolled in that plan at the same level of coverage
  • If your employer offers two plans, you will automatically be enrolled in the same plan at the same level of coverage
  • In dental plan through MetLife or vision plan through National Vision Administrators, if offered by your employer, your coverage will continue at the same level

Canceling Coverage

If you do not want coverage in any or all of the plans, you must cancel your coverage during Open Enrollment. Retirees who cancel coverage

(Retirees) If you cancel coverage on yourself and/or your dependents, you and/or your dependents cannot enroll at a later date.

Completing your Enrollment — Enroll by Oct. 31, 2019


  • Log in to myMCHCP
  • Select 2020 Open Enrollment
  • Make coverage selections, and save or print your confirmation page
  • If you enroll more than once, the last enrollment will override previous ones


  • Complete your Open Enrollment worksheet. MCHCP will mail these to your agency; they are not available on the website
  • Sign and date the sheet
  • Fax to 800‑834‑5181


  • Complete your Open Enrollment worksheet. MCHCP will mail these to your agency; they are not available on the website
  • Sign and date the sheet
  • Mail to MCHCP


2020 Public Entity Benefit Guide

2020 Benefit Guide

2020 Anthem Welcome Packet

2020 Anthem Welcome Packet

2020 Summary of Benefits and Coverage

2020 Summary of Benefits and Coverage

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