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National Vision Administrators, L.L.C. (NVA) offers vision benefits through a nationwide network of participating providers. Basic and premium plans are offered with specific copayments for services from network providers. Both plans offer allowances for services from non-network providers. These plans do not replace medical coverage for eye disease or injury.

The cost of vision insurance is paid by the employee/retiree. When receiving services from a network provider, NVA pays the provider directly. When receiving services from a non-network provider, members pay the provider and file the claim. Reimbursement checks for non-network claims may take up to 30 days to process. In Missouri, members may be required to pay the full retail amount and not the negotiated discount amount at certain participating providers.

To view the provider directory or for more information, contact NVA.

The NVA website offers the Vision Benefit Maximizer tool. The tool uses members’ benefit frame allowances to show Eyecare Professional locations that carry frames with no out-of-pocket costs.

NVA now has a mobile app ready to download on Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iPhone users.

  1. The member may visit a network or non-network provider.
  2. If using a network provider, the member will pay a vision exam copayment plus the applicable cost for materials purchased.
    1. Most lenses and contact lenses have a copayment.
    2. Members needing frames or elective contact lenses will receive a retail allowance. This allowance varies between the Basic and Premium Vision Plans.
    3. See Covered Services for an overview of NVA’s benefits. Visit NVA’s website for detailed plan descriptions.
  3. If using a non-network provider, the member will be responsible for paying the provider in full, as well as submitting a claim form to NVA. NVA will then reimburse the member up to a specific amount. This amount is based on the member’s vision plan (Basic or Premium) as well as the service and/or materials purchased. See Covered Services for more information.
  4. Cost maximums are available to members needing corrective laser surgery through NVA’s LASIK discount program.
  5. When a member exhausts their annual benefits, they may still receive significant discounts on materials through NVA’s EyeEssential Discount Plan.

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