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This offering allows subscribers to combine their deductibles into one family deductible. For example, one spouse covers themself and their children on a family plan and has a family deductible. The second spouse has individual coverage with an individual deductible. With a Family Roll Up, this family would only have to meet the family deductible, instead of a family deductible plus an individual deductible in a calendar year.

Family Roll Up also combines the family’s out-of-pocket maximums.

To participate, each spouse must enroll in the same medical plan with the same benefit options through the same carrier. Each spouse must report they are married to an active state employee eligible for MCHCP medical benefits and provide the spouse’s Social Security number (SSN) during the Open Enrollment process, or by completing section 5 on the Enroll/Change/Cancel form.

When using Family Roll Up:

  • The spouse who covers the dependent children is considered the subscriber (policy holder) for the entire family
  • The spouse not covering the children is considered a dependent on the policy and is listed as a dependent on the ID cards
  • When contacting the medical or prescription plan’s customer service department, the dependent spouse should provide the subscribing spouse’s SSN or other identifying information in order to receive coverage and claim information
  • The dependent spouse should present the correct ID card to providers for proper claims submission under the correct policy. If the correct ID card is not used, it could delay claim submission and/or processing.

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