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Coverage is automatically continued under Workers' Compensation unless subscriber chooses to cancel. Subscriber will be billed at the active employee rate until Workers' Compensation benefits end.

If eligibility for Workers' Compensation benefits ends before return to work, subscriber will be billed the Leave of Absence monthly premium. To determine the rate, use the premium calculator. If spouse is an MCHCP subscriber (active or retired), coverage may be transferred to the spouse’s plan by spouse submitting the online "Add coverage due to loss of employer-sponsored or MCHCP group coverage" eForm (or a completed Enroll/Change/Cancel Form) to MCHCP within 31 days after active coverage ends.

Subscriber may choose to maintain employee-only coverage while on leave and suspend coverage on dependents. Subscriber’s coverage may also be suspended while on leave. Coverage may be resumed for all members upon subscriber’s return to work by submitting the online "Return to work from leave of absence" eForm (or a completed Enroll/Change/Cancel Form) within 31 days of return.

Upon return to work, no action is required if coverage was continued while on leave.

If coverage was suspended, once an employer notifies MCHCP of subscriber’s return to work, a letter and enrollment form will be mailed. To resume suspended coverage, the completed online "Return to work from leave of absence" eForm (or a completed Enroll/Change/Cancel Form) must be submitted within 31 days of the return to work. Coverage becomes effective the first of the month following receipt of the enrollment, in the same plan and level of coverage as previously enrolled.

To cancel coverage, MCHCP must be notified immediately. Coverage will end on the last day of the month in which the request to cancel is received by MCHCP or premium was paid in full.

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