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If employee is approved to return to work as a result of legal or administrative action, medical coverage may be reinstated retroactively to the dismissal date or may begin as a new employee.

  1. If employee does not purchase coverage for the period between dismissal date and reinstatement, submit completed new employee enrollment through SEBES within 31 days of reinstatement. Claims are not paid for the time coverage is not in force.
  2. Submit completed Enroll/Change/Cancel Form within 31 days of reinstatement if employee chooses to reinstate coverage retroactively and:
    • returns to employment with back pay — employee is responsible for paying any back premiums for their level of coverage; or,
    • returns to employment without back pay — leave is considered a leave of absence and employee is responsible for paying the full cost (premium plus MCHCP contribution) for their level of coverage.

Employees who fail to reinstate coverage may enroll during the next Open Enrollment for coverage effective the following January.

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