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Newborns must be added within 31 days of the birth date. Employees may enroll within 31 days of the birth date. Coverage for the employee and newborn becomes effective on the newborn’s birth date. An eligible spouse and/or additional child(ren) may also be added within 31 days of the birth of the newborn. Coverage for the spouse and/or additional child(ren) becomes effective on the newborn's birth date or the first of the month after enrollment is received.

Medical plans may be changed when adding dependents due to this life event. If changing medical plans, any amounts paid toward the deductible and out-of-pocket maximum will transfer to the new plan.

Submit online "Birth of child" eForm (or a completed Enroll/Change/Cancel Form) within 31 days of birth date.

Advise MCHCP of newborn child's Social Security number verbally, in writing or through myMCHCP as soon as it is received. Failure to provide proof of dependent's Social Security number in a timely manner may result in loss of coverage.

Additional documentation is required, but do not wait to enroll, as you might miss the deadline for enrollment.

Enrollment is subject to receipt and approval of proof of eligibility according to the following due dates:

  • Proof for the newborn child is due within 90 days from the newborn's date of birth.
  • Proof of eligibility for a spouse and/or additional dependent is due within 31 days of the enrollment date.

The specified proof of eligibility due date(s) will be sent by mail. If proof of eligibility documentation is not received in time, newborn coverage will end and spouse and/or additional dependent coverage will not begin.

Active subscribers who fail to enroll during the 31-day period may enroll during the next Open Enrollment for coverage effective the following January.

Retiree subscribers who fail to enroll the child during the 31-day period cannot enroll them at a later date.

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