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Missouri state law, Section 191.724, RSMo, allows a person the right to decline or refuse coverage for contraception if these items or procedures are contrary to an employee’s religious beliefs or moral convictions.

While all MCHCP plans cover these services (see Contraception and Sterilization), if you have such a religious or moral conviction, MCHCP is offering a benefit plan option excluding these services. If you declare you have a religious or moral objection, your benefits will provide no coverage for contraception as either a medical or pharmacy benefit for non-Medicare primary individuals covered on your plan.

MCHCP subscribers have the option to declare a religious or moral objection and decline contraception coverage.

Members contact their payroll representative to complete the non-contraception benefit option form. Members may also contact MCHCP Member Services at 800-487-0771 with questions or to request a non-contraception benefit option form to fill out.

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